Sunday, September 2, 2007

Where the Elders Live

I created a Google Maps mashup of all the "freestanding" nursing homes (not part of a hospital) in Allegheny County. I plan to add personal care homes/assisted living soon. There are 30 for-profit homes with 3772 beds (green), 24 non-profit homes with 2692 beds (magenta), and 4 county-owned homes ("the Kanes") with 1214 beds (purple).

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All data from the CMS Nursing Home Compare site.

Obviously not all "elders" live in nursing homes -- the vast majority live on their own in the community.

I'm still working on summarizing the personal care/assisted living data for Allegheny County, but according to the PA Dept. of Public Welfare there are 6,453 residents living in 171 personal care homes/assisted living communities spread throughout the county (there is capacity for 8,835).

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