Sunday, November 22, 2009

St. Clair Lost and Found

This old Bethel kid has new respect for the St. Clair neighbors.   

Dennis Roddy's piece in the Post-Gazette on Arthur St. Clair was fascinating.  It's sad that St. Clair could be all but forgotten, but thanks to Roddy and the PG for telling the story.

This jumped out at me: 
"As important as he was, there is no biography of him today," said Martin West, director of the Fort Ligonier Museum.
I'm not sure if it qualifies as a full biography, but I found "a brief sketch" (1910) on the old Internet Archive.  It has only been downloaded 8 times (!)

From later in the sketch:
(Thank you to the Sloan Foundation for being the "digitizing sponsor" of the NOT_IN_ COPYRIGHT book.)

It's actually possible to read the entire 41 page book right here via this nifty embed feature on the archive:

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