Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next Founder's Day

Do we still honor Founder's Day here in Pittsburgh?  A quick search yielded not much, but it did bring up an event held in 1907 to celebrate Founder's Day at the Carnegie Institute, which produced the following document (yes, that is the actual title):

I propose we celebrate Founder's Day in Pittsburgh again next May, and invite President Obama to attend to share some mojo with the Bucs down on the river.   Then we can plaster the walls of the city with billboards of him watching the Bucs in 2010 - as they make a run at the NL Pennant in 2011. That's the plan, right?

Here's a photo taken at the Carnegie Institute Founder's Day Parade (cropped from a panoramic):

Who's with me?

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joe said...

Duh...I'm pretty sure there has never been a "Pittsburgh Founder's Day," and that the May 2, 1910 date on the billboard was a Carnegie Institute Founder's Day. What threw me off was mention in that 1907 document of Founder's Day being the first Thursday in November...May weather in Pittsburgh is much finer.

That doesn't mean we can't create a Founder's Day for Pittsburgh, something perhaps for the diaspora to celebrate around besides a football or hockey game; I'm not giving up on getting the President here for a Bucco game!

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