Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old Funicular

Who knew? Looks like there was an incline from the Strip up to the Hill District in 1902.

Image excerpted from T.M. Fowler's drawing of Pittsburgh.


C. Briem said...

a picture

joe said...

Are there any plans afoot to build a green funicular (wind, solar, treadmill) and why not build one there...great views up and down the Allegheny, and a new and needed passageway from the Strip to the revitalizing Hill (aspirationally speaking).

To stay true to our sense of grit(ness), build a broad stairway along one side (the east)..for people to exercise, like the stairs in Santa Monica. Then when visitors come to ride the funicular (we have to call it The Funicular, The Inclines are on the other hill) they can see fit Pittsburghers (and those aspirational too) walking/running the stairs.

Gotta figure out some way to beat Cincinnati, Milwaukee and St. Louis in the sufficient activity department.

C. Briem said...

You jest... but connecting the Hill District to the rivers has been chapioned by many. Mindy Fullilove in Root Shock even talked about it.

Stairway? pfff. Rich Florida once suggested a rock climbing wall up Mount Washington. Stairs are superfluous.

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